Wisdom Wednesday.

Seems lately all I am focused on is core from the standpoint of personal strength




belief in the process and the journey.

I’m not a particularly religious person but AM strongly (mostly privately) spiritual.

You will rarely find me in an actual church –

my place of commune tends to be in nature

with my animals

or in exercising.

My “core” is my strength and my drive even on the dimmer days.

So ….

as with our physical core –

which allows for overall strength and endurance and healthy

continued development and growth

– so too our inner “core” provides us with that structure to continue on no matter what.

That’s my homespun wisdom for you today –

brought to you by the Karebear of the media world lol –

happy mid week –

go be freakishly AMAZING 😉💥🤗🙏🏻


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