Transformation Tuesday.

Although this just looks like my usual rise and grind videos –

it isn’t showing what is happening to transform my inner!!




positive thinking and an open eyed approach to each day –

a workout in itself and something I have to work at EVERY day –

no excuses

no exceptions –

owning all my idiosyncrasies

my limiting beliefs

my inner uglies

my pigheadedness

my drive that can drive others to distraction-

my ability to leap into things with a complete lack of respect for the fear it evokes-

working to accept that I AM enough-

that I add value-

that I am amazing in all ways including my figurative warts.

Making my self acknowledge my accomplishments

my courage to act no matter what in the face of ALL diversity and resistance-

to embrace and celebrate my resilience and the fact that I am blessed in every way possible.

Wow –

and YOU thought all I was working was my core lol 🤷🏻‍♀️😃.

These workouts keep me SANE and grounded and humble and always striving for more


How will YOU work to transform yourself today or any day ???


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