Thankful Thursday.

Not that EVERY day isn’t a day to be thankful 🙏🏻.

And not to be hokey or seemingly uber happy ( so not the case lol)

but every night before I fall asleep 😴

I think through the day and say thanks for the things that happened for me and for the people I am grateful for.

It’s just the routine now.


in the spirit of Thursday-

I am super thankful for leg day lol –

for my health and strength and eternal vision of greatness-

for our gym space,

for faith and belief in the journey-

for my imperfections-

my warped sense humour –

my sarcasm-

my passion and belief that everything WILL work out no matter WHAT 👍🏻🙏🏻.

Shall I go on??

Ok –

just one more –

thankful for an online and local #fitfamily that continue to motivate and inspire and support.

How can we NOT be thankful EVERY blinking day???

Now go be thankful and AMAZING 😉


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