Motivated Monday.

It wasn’t an upper day

– but due to excessive overthinking on my part –

there was a need for something extra after lunch.

No chips and chocolates for this girl.

Any kind of stressors call for weights and endorphins in my personal therapy book 📚.

A little solitude,

some food fuel and exercise-

sublime .

And as I was also asked –

it seemed perfect timing to post 4 pretty basic but still very effective arm and shoulder exercises.

The well known bicep curl,

the hammer curl,

the lateral raise

and the overhead press.

The beauty of these??

Not only can they be done with both arms in tandem-

they also work beautifully with alternating arms.

AND – they can all be done standing , on a bench,

on an exercise ball

OR a chair of any sort 🙏🏻.

– You may have already seen or tried these

– I just feel they can’t be beat for basic foundation work on arms and shoulders.

More to come !!

Now my energy is up –

the sun is shining brilliantly and the tunes are on.

Happy and motivated Monday 👊🏻🔥👌😀🌞

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